Thomas Hoey Jr.An Overview of Thomas

Thomas Hoey owns and operates the successful family owned business Long Island Banana.  He has worked in the produce industry his whole life, as did his family’s four previous generations. Thomas has learned the business on his own by working at the warehouse and driving the delivery trucks on every route the company delivers to.  He is a man that has a passion to give back to others.  He owes this tremendous quality to his grandparents and parents.

Thomas is a very religious man and has strong faith in the Catholic Church.  He is also a member of the third order of Franciscans.  Along with helping others, he enjoys spending time with his family and enjoys travel.

Thomas’s Past Work Experience

Before Hoey devoted his life to the warehouse and trucks of Long Island Banana, he held some other unique positions.  With the knowledge he learned on his own from the family business, he worked in Washington D.C. to help the government with a huge trade agreement called the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA).  He worked on the Agriculture Committee under President George W. Bush to provide assistance toward the creation of the document.  His title focused on getting produce from countries such as Africa and Costa Rica over to the United States.  Thomas even had the opportunity to give a speech at CAPTA about creating policies for the process of bringing produce over and the work he performed here helped North America become a better continent to trade with and helped bring in the most substantial imports into the country.

Along with helping out the United States, Hoey turned to his passion to help others and worked at Franklin Hospital in Valley Stream, New York. Thomas helped with fundraising and community events the hospital was involved in, such as the annual golf outing and other volunteer events.  With helping the hospital Thomas Hoey continued to work on his passion for helping others and giving back to those that need it most.

Thomas Hoey and His Family’s History with Long Island Banana

The Hoey family business may drive them bananas from time to time, but it’s a company that allows them to truly benefit the lives of others.  This business was started by Hoey’s father, who worked in Brooklyn by selling fruit and produce. Thomas’s grandfather always said you should always help those in need if you are able to and that you should always spread the fortune and love.  His maternal great grandparents were also in the produce business and had many fruit stores in downtown Brooklyn NY.

With this mindset, the business grew and was handed down to Hoey father, Thomas Hoey.  With hard work and dedication every day, this company has become one of the largest distributors of bananas on the east coast.  The company’s distribution covers New York’s five boroughs, Long Island and some outlying areas of New Jersey and Connecticut.  Thomas looks to his grandfather and his own father as inspiration every day to work hard and help others as much as possible.  With proper integrity and strong management skills, Thomas Hoey has contributed a massive amount of success to this already thriving company.

Giving Back to the Community through Philanthropy

Giving back to those in need was a main theme for the life of Thomas Hoey’s grandparents Thomas keeps his passion of helping others alive by helping out a number of charities and community events.  Some main charities he endorses include: The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital in New York City, Knights of Pithias Diabetes Association, Salvation Baptist Church and Mommas House.  Along with those charities, he also helps raise funds for local hospitals and non-profits.  The Little Sister’s of the Poor elderly home benefits a lot from this man, as he donates plenty of food and helps raise money for their elder project, Queen of Peace.

If this amount of philanthropy work wasn’t enough, he goes a step further by helping out the House of Hope in Valley Stream, New York.  This house takes care of those in need and Thomas volunteers his time at the center while donating money.  Another place in New York that gets Thomas’s attention is the Village of Lynbrook.  Hoey donates a smorgasbord of bananas while the village uses the company’s parking lot for summer activities.  All of this charity work goes to show the true, selfless character of Thomas Hoey.

Thomas Hoey has found the perfect medium between working for the successful family business and pursuing his passion for helping others.  It takes a dedicated and hard working person to come out successful in the produce industry, but with the background this man has he was set up for success.  His grandfather and entire family support his generosity to the community and strive to follow Thomas’s example, and Thomas is on a mission to help make the world a better place by ending suffering and world hunger.  If more people were like him, this dream could someday become a reality and everyone could find a new passion for helping others.  Thomas Hoey hopes to inspire others to follow their dreams.

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